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Advanced Group Property Inspection

Advanced Group Property Inspection Company (AGPIC) is a group of professional property inspectors that was formed in the summer of 1993 by Alex Kay Keshishian. Ever since, we have grown to become a prominent property inspection company trusted by real estate experts and industry professionals in all of California for residential and commercial property inspection.

Parents… started it

In the summer of 1993, my mom & dad walked into my bedroom and said something to me that would change our lives as we knew it. I was sitting on my bed watching the Kings play the Canadians in the Stanley Cup finals, as my dad looked at me and said, can you type up property inspections? I said, yeah dad, totally, but can I finish watching the game first? The rest was history.

-Michael Kay, the son.

Children… continue it

My wife warned me that if I continue to work 7 days a week from morning until night, that I would never develop a relationship with my children. I listened to her advice, and retired from building properties. Now, I still work 7 days a week, from morning until night, along side my wife and kids. So I guess it all worked out, considering we’ve developed a really strong family in the process.

-Alex Kay, the father/founder.

What makes us different

Our company was founded by a contractor (Alex Kay Keshishian) whose double master’s in structural and mechanical engineering made him an honored force in local developments. His “top to bottom” knowledge of the industry sparked his interest in property inspections which eventually led to the phasing out of his construction career and leap into inspections in 1992. He teamed up with his wife Mary Kay (local realtor) to form the alliance know best known for their “do what it takes” attitude to serving their clients.

We’re a business founded on the fundamentals of honesty, reliability and cutting edge efficiency. Imagine a hybrid between old school mom and pop with new age ultra-modern. A stellar combination giving our clients the best of both worlds.

-Nonee Kay, the daughter.

Visit our blog to read real posts written by our own team of experts aimed to help you make better decisions with your investments and stay safe from harm. To request a fee quote on your home inspection click here.

Our Team

The group here at Advanced Group divides into two categories: the field inspectors and the rest of us. Our inspectors are hand picked contractors from the US that show exemplary skill in their field with interest in switching gears from building to evaluating. Each of our inspectors are trained in our AGPIC Sharpen Up system custom tailored by founder and chief inspector Alex Kay Keshishian.

All of our inspectors conduct a mandatory 90 day on site training program with Alex to ensure that the quality of our work is to the highest standard. It’s the only way we can create consistency throughout all of our inspector team.

-Mary Kay, the marketing director.

Admin and marketing staff is also required to conduct on-site training so that each of our members are in the know with what’s going on with the world of construction. Our knowledgeable staff is fun, friendly and excited to help you. We treat our people good, providing staff with free meals by on-site personal chef, weekly massage therapist visits and funky Friday free dress days. Get to know our hard working team of staff and property inspectors.


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