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Luxury Property Inspection Services in Beverly Hills, CA

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Beverly Hills Luxury Property Inspection

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Beverly Hills is one of the safest neighborhoods in entire Los Angeles county, if not United States. The streets of Beverly Hills play host to celebrities, exotic foreign cars, and the most expensive fashion houses. The city is featured in countless television shows and movies, being portrayed as a concentration of wealth, class,and glam. Because Beverly Hills is regarded with such high standards, the homes and commercial properties that snake their way across the city are just as impressive as any other aspect. Most homes in Beverly Hills are relatively older which can lead to problems related to the foundation of the property, plumbing and other age related issues. Most homes in Beverly Hills are also located on hills and elevated locations. The elevated state of these glamorous homes is a stunning visual effect, however having a home located on a hill can also lead to foundational issues. Foundation issues are the most common issues for hill side properties.  One of the main reasons of these foundational issues are ground movements, uneven foundation, and natural decay of the house. Our property inspectors are trained to identify these issues and reflect these issues on their inspection report. In order to ensure that a potential home in Beverly Hills neighborhood is not only beautiful but also safe to live in, we strongly suggest scheduling a property inspection.

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Schedule a property inspection with any one of our experienced inspectors today. You will be glad to find out the current state of your property.

Meet AGPIC Inspectors: Michael King

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Michael King is senior inspector at Advanced Group Property Inspection Company. He has conducted hundreds of residential property inspections in Los Angeles metro area. Mainly he does residential property inspections, and some smaller commercial property inspections. Duplexes, Triplexes and Fourplexes, does not matter to Michael King. Residential property in all different sizes is his specialty. He involved in construction business since he was a kid and he loves what he does. Watch his video to get to know him better. Read many satisfied home owners testimonials about inspector Michael King to find out why they recommend Advanced Group Property Inspections for your home or commercial property inspection service. Schedule an inspection with Michael King

4 simple questions to ask before you hire a property inspection company

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In California, anyone can conduct inspections; no licenses, credentials or certificates required. Ultimately the quality of the inspection will make the difference in identifying the defects or health of your property.There are four main indicators that can tell inspectors apart. Firstly, being involved with organizations that issue certificates to ensure the quality of inspectors. The main associations are CREIA, ASHI, and NACHI. Similar to any other business an E&O insurance reflects the legitimacy of an inspection company. A copy of the insurance declaration can and should be obtained before starting the inspection process. It is important to have unbiased inspectors. Even though, property inspection companies may have large network of contractors and referral lists, it is extremely important that inspection companies do not conduct any repairs. Finally, experience is key to ensure a higher level of success. In property inspection companies a minimum of five years of experience is preferred. Therefore, we have created this 4 Step Inspector Qualifier to help you make the right choice when choosing an inspector.

Angela B. Yelp Review

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I have used Fred Torres from AGP for a while now and really appreciate the details and the time he takes both on the day and then later on in the report. I LOVE the fact that he has pictures throughout – makes it so easy to see what he’s talking about. When we recently needed some repairs done on a sale prior to closing and my client was out of town – he came back and photographed everything so that the buyer could rest assured that the work had been done. That was an invaluable help. He’s very charming and friendly – no scary inspector here – always such a pleasure to work with.

Ryan A. Yelp Review

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The Advanced Group Property Inspections is an amazing home inspection company who treats you and your clients like family. They are professional and honest. I just referred a client that just opened up escrow and I can’t wait to work with their inspectors. The extra mile in customer service this company prides themselves on really makes a difference and it’s a pleasure to be in business with them. Go AGPIC!

Mark M. Yelp Review

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I sell real estate in Los Angeles. One of the most important factors in any transaction is the thoroughness and quality of one’s physical inspection. It will take place in the first days of the escrow and has the ability make or break just about any deal. A bad inspector will either fail to uncover critical faults with a property or call into question issues that might not actually be problems at all.

I always refer my clients to Advanced Group Property Inspections. Fred Tores is my go-to guy. He is simply the best. With a degree in architecture, experience as a builder and so many years of inspecting properties, he has developed a keen eye and the rare ability to explain what he sees to buyers in a way that is easily understood without being inflammatory. Fred’s meticulous approach to investigating each property is evidenced by the report he furnishes. The detail is tremendous and the photos, copious. I tell my clients that Fred’s report is like a bible for the house. Anything you will want to know about the property will be revealed!

I give Advanced Group & Fred Tores 5 stars because Yelp won’t let me give 6!

Kailey C. Yelp Review

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My Realtor recommended using AGPI for my home inspection. Being my first home and not knowing what will be uncovered was making me pretty nervous about the inspection. Michael Parkes was such a PRO. He was able to perform the inspection on Monday afternoon after us setting up the appointment on the previous Friday (great availability!). Their fee is extremely competitive. He took about and hour and a half performing the inspection and then spent nearly another forty five minutes walking me and my Realtor around. He showed me where everything was, how to turn it on and off, what would need to be fixed, and had a sense of humor to boot!

I was taking copious notes trying to remember everything he was saying. Well, once I received the inspection report I was blown away by its detail, pictures, captions, and arrows that pointed directly at issues!! I was going to make a “honey-do” checklist for all the things that needed to be fixed but Michael made it for me! I have already recommended their services to a friend who will open escrow soon.

Also, the sellers had the gas shut off, so AGPI is even going to come out again to reinspect the gas features.

Stella Z. Yelp Review

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Thanks to Yelp, I found Fred Torres to perform our general home inspection. He is a pleasant man, very professional, knowledgeable, and detail oriented. After he completed the inspection, he walked through the house and explained everything in person, and said he will also give us a detailed report.

We got our report in 2 days, as promised with tons of photos of every corner in the house and over 90 pages. He pointed out items in need of attention, maintenance, or repair with photos matching. Makes it easy to identify exactly what he is referring to. He also gave his recommendations. I strongly recommend using Fred for your home inspection. You will be surprised with all the details he will find on your home. We were happy he was able to drive up to Tarzana for us.

Property Inspection Services in Pasadena, CA

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Pasadena Property Inspection Services by Advnaced Group Property Inspection Company

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The beautiful city of Pasadena, a lively and diverse city located just ten miles from downtown Los Angeles, is one of Los Angles Counties largest cities and most certainly one with a huge cultural influence in the San Gabriel Valley. The land now famous for the Tournament of Roses, the Rose Bowl , California Institute of Technology (Caltech), NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pacific Asia Museum and the Norton Simon Museum of Art, Pasadena City College (PCC), and many more attractions. Pasadena is a city of scholars and one of United States Technological forefronts. Old Pasadena is the business district of Pasadena, and as the name suggests, this city is old.Property prices in this area are higher than average Los Angeles neighboring cities, because of the history and culture of the city, and also its geographical location. Since most properties in this city are old, they share very common defects across the city, such as cracked walls due to being close to earthquake fault line, plumbing issues common with old properties, furnace and attic issues. For most common problems and what to look for when doing a visual inspection of a house, check our anatomy section for educational videos, or read our blog post about what to look for when conducting a visual property inspections.

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What to look for when buying a home: From a home inspector’s perspective

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When buying a home, it’s not just the price of the home you have to consider, but also the price of probable repairs that might come with your new purchase. At Advanced Group Property Inspection, our certified inspectors are trained to inspect your property and find any probable areas of your property that might cause you a major financial cost immediately or in near future, or even areas that might need attention so they won’t cause you a major costs later on. Even though our inspectors are not in the business of repairs, as part of their training, they learn how to estimate costs of major repairs of a property with current market conditions and labor costs, and refer you to the right professional that conducts those repairs for accurate quotes. As a home buyer it is very important to know how much a property would cost to you with cost of repairs included in the final price. Having a property inspection is an invaluable way of knowing critical defects in your property which puts you at an advantage when negotiating with the seller. Even if your intended to purchase property has recently been remodeled, and you think the sellers has taken care of all the renovations and defects, having a property inspection will assure you the piece of mind that all the repairs were done properly and not just a quick fix just to cover up the defects.