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What to look for when buying a home: From a home inspector’s perspective

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When buying a home, it’s not just the price of the home you have to consider, but also the price of probable repairs that might come with your new purchase. At Advanced Group Property Inspection, our certified inspectors are trained to inspect your property and find any probable areas of your property that might cause you a major financial cost immediately or in near future, or even areas that might need attention so they won’t cause you a major costs later on. Even though our inspectors are not in the business of repairs, as part of their training, they learn how to estimate costs of major repairs of a property with current market conditions and labor costs, and refer you to the right professional that conducts those repairs for accurate quotes. As a home buyer it is very important to know how much a property would cost to you with cost of repairs included in the final price. Having a property inspection is an invaluable way of knowing critical defects in your property which puts you at an advantage when negotiating with the seller. Even if your intended to purchase property has recently been remodeled, and you think the sellers has taken care of all the renovations and defects, having a property inspection will assure you the piece of mind that all the repairs were done properly and not just a quick fix just to cover up the defects.

Lex Angeles Awarded 2011 Beverly Hills Real Estate Affiliate of the Year

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In just his first year as member Lex Angeles receives the prestigious award of “Affiliate of the Year” for the Beverly Hills & Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors at the Beverly Hills Hilton last week.

AGPIC Lex Angeles Contact

Lex went above and beyond this year to show support to the realtor members of the association, his fellow affiliates and most of all the West Side Los Angeles community. From hosting educational programs about how to interpret inspections findings to social media workshops aimed to enhance a realtors business Lex was outstanding.

Robin Greenberg, 2011 President

Mary Kay Awarded 2010 West San Gabriel Valley Real Estate Affiliate of the Year

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In just one year after joining the West San Gabriel Valley Board of Realtors, our very own Mary Kay was awarded the Affiliate of the Year for 2010 last Saturday at the Hilton in Alhambra. The award was presented by 2009 recipient April Kass of LaRocca Inspections. It’s been said that the inspection business breeds some of the hardest working affiliates in town. Well, it looks like that statistic just may be fairing true.

AGPIC Marry Kay Contact


Congratulations to Mary Kay of Advanced Group Property Inspections for all of her hard work in 2010. She earned this recognition through and through.

Ling Chow, 2010 President

The New is LIVE

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So after hiring local design firm Torino Creative to manage our branding efforts in 2008 it was agreed that we update our website once a year. Well today is 1 day shy of 365 since our last update in 2009 – ha. At that time, we included the chat with your inspector functionality our clients unanimously requested in 2007. Since then we’ve helped clarify inspection findings with over 200 curious clients.

Today we reveal to the real estate world our 12 Step Inspection Anatomy module. It’s a place you can go to learn more about what’s what with your property. We differentiate between common defects and areas of concern in easy to understand day to day vocab – no loaded terminology.



13 Areas of Property

Our game plan has always been to help educate the home buying community through a few simple good faith efforts – and that’s what were doing here. Enjoy.

Michael Kay, Creative Director