It takes more than a clip board and tape measure to do inspections. Years of planning, building, breaking and rebuilding make up the knowledge of our team. But not all inspection professionals are equally professional. Like produce at the market or fuel at the gas station, there are ratings for everything. Unfortunately, a simple batch or seal won’t tell you much in this business – you need a mixture of things.

Official…is there such a thing?

In the state of California, there are no rules to becoming a property inspector. Scary, I know. Which is why we’ve taken every effort to legitimize ourselves in the eyes of our audience. So are we official inspectors? No (because there is no such thing), but we’ve got the affiliations to prove we mean business. Not convinced? Go ahead and download our 4 Step Inspector Qualifier  to test how we match up against the competition.

Inspectors…come in all shapes & sizes

A common mistake made by home owners, is to think that inspectors are put together on a conveyor belt at some industrial warehouse in North Hollywood. There is no cookie cutter for trustworthy inspectors, and no reason for you to trust a professional without checking his or her credentials either. But don’t be so easily impressed by a certificate of graduation from an online school folks. Experience is king.

Our Qualifications

Despite more than 19 years (since 1993) of experience in the field of property inspection, our filed inspectors not only are trained to identify and report problems outside of current construction codes, they are also knowledgeable of construction codes of older properties, which helps them find areas that look fine, but might need attention in the near future. Having an inspector that can predict your future costs is another area that makes us the industry leader in the field of property inspection. As an industry leader, we always strive to keep our knowledge and quality of the service superior for our clients benefit. Thus, here are minimum qualifications that you can hold us accountable for.


CA Real Estate Inspectors Assoc.CA Real Estate Inspectors Assoc. CREIA
The California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) is a voluntary, nonprofit public-benefit organization of real estate inspectors. Founded in 1976, CREIA provides education, training and support services to its members and the real estate community. CREIA’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice are recognized by the California Business and Professions Codes and are considered the standard of care by the real estate industry and legal profession in the state.
E & O Insurance PolicyE & O Insurance Policy FREA
Over a span of almost 20 years, we have yet to make the kind of mistake that would put us into a court trial. But for peace of mind, we’ve acquired the highest level of insurance coverage.




International Association of Certified Home InspectorsInternational Association of Certified Home Inspectors InterNACHI
The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) is the world’s largest, non-profit inspection association, that certifies the professionalism only InterNACHI Certified Inspectors can provide through rigorous examination programs.



SRAR, BHGLAAR, PFAR, BBRSRAR, BHGLAAR, PFAR, BBR Professional Real Estate Boards
Our marketing affiliates hold leadership positions on some of the largest and most prestigious real estate organizations in the state. We take pride in being a part of the realtor community.




Contractor's LicenseContractor’s License State of California
Our motto goes like this, You Can’t Inspect a House if You Haven’t Built One. And legally, you cannot build a house, unless you hold a contractor’s license. So there you have it.


Client Testimonials

We can brag and boast about how great we are forever, but that’s not really what you’re looking for is it? Exactly. So to avoid any further self-recommendation we’ll let our clients do the talking for us. We have a track record of successful inspections in California since 1994 and thanks to the submission of many self written testimonials from our clients we can share them with you here.


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