Alex Kay KeshishianAlex Kay Keshishian Mr. Chief Inspector

“I married a woman who is good at everything, so that I can have the luxury of concentrating on just one. My life revolves around building and inspecting properties throughout the state of California. Why my clients are so vast and loyal? I don’t know, maybe because I bring to the table 30+ years of knowledge and experience, which means that they can have the peace of mind from knowing that I’m watching out for their best interest. Not to mention that with each property I learn something new, making every inspection a whole new challenge. Request an inspection with Alex Kay.

Mary Kay Keshishian Mary Kay Keshishian Mrs. Marketing Director

“My husband? He’s the master at building properties. Me? I’m more about building relationships. Together? We’ve built a company, a culture, a following, and a family. It’s a blessing, and we’re just getting started. Teaming up with my brainiaque son & innovative daughter (below) we’ve made an effort over the years to give back to the real estate community through workshops and seminars the invaluable information we’ve accumulated from our inception. Because when you win, we win.” Inquire about presentations hosted by Mary Kay.

Micheal Kay Keshishian Michael Kay Keshishian Mr. Creative Director

“My parents worked hard, so that we could work harder. Fair trade? Totally. Especially since they support all of my off-the-wall business ventures, ridiculous shoe shopping sprees, and ever changing hairstyle. Jokes aside for a minute, I’ve been in the business since I was 8 years old. A human sponge soaking up inspection jargon as a pass time. So to follow in mom’s footsteps, I teach classes on real estate related subjects that I have flowing through my DNA. Simply put, I’m at your service if you need me.” Inquire about presentations hosted by Michael Kay.

Nonee Kay KeshishianNonee Kay Keshishian Ms. General Manager

“For years the family considered my brother the golden child, until they realized that he has no attention span and the rational of a punch drunk artist. Thus? I’m the coordinator in the family. A full time job of course that requires great attention to detail and iron fist negotiations. Whether it be deciding on a new logo, switching the inspector gear or adding to our menu of services, I’m the final say. End of story.” Inquire about presentations hosted by Nonee Kay.

Ruben FriasRuben Frias Mr. Front Office

“I fell into the real estate industry by accident when taking a administrative job at the local board at the start of Y2K. I hopped a few spots until I landed here. Now unless I win the lottery, I ain’t going no where. What better place to deploy all of my knowledge, grow with a team and service my community through the best the business has to offer. Not to mention, our conference room houses 8 barber chairs, so my sheers and clippers got a place to work on hair dew Fridays. I love this place.” Schedule an inspection with Ruben.

Lex AngelesLex Angeles Mr. Marketing Man

“Like Ruben, I’ve been in the real estate world since I was old enough to get a pay check. A good thing, or a bad thing, depending on your view point. Me? I love it. I’ve got friends on every block, and competitors at every corner. The combination of hot and cold makes me as chill as a persian cucumber (skin on please). I talk the talk as our inspectors walk the walk. I tell everyone that we’re the best, because I truly believe that we are. Not to mention, my aunt and uncle own the company, so they’d strangle me if I thought otherwise :)” Schedule an inspection with Lex.

Fred TorresFred Torres Mr. Senior Inspector

“I started in the industry straight out of high school jumping into construction work wherever I could. After a few sweaty years, I fell into the military for another couple of years to pay my dues and gather my thoughts. Once I was out, it was full steam ahead. School kept me busy for another 3 years as I studied to be an architect. As soon as I was done, I went straight into building properties and after no time I had my own construction company. 20 years of supervising projects was all it took for me to make the next move; property inspections. I love what I do and have been loyal to my company for over 8 years. I joke with ownership requesting to take the senior out of my title, because I’m not that old.”  Schedule an inspection with Fred Torres

Arman ShahenianArman Shahenian Mr. Inspector

“I’m a left brain kind of guy, there I said it. If it doesn’t make sense, I don’t do it. Guess what? It’s that same logic I use in my everyday as an inspector. I focus on big problems, while making sure not to make a big deal out of the small stuff. No house is perfect, which means cracks and such are expected. But rest assured, if I notice something that can potentially be of harm to you and your family, I’ll let you know. I’m a family man that believes that the best strategy is whichever has the least room for error.” Schedule an inspection with Arman Shahenian

Gary HartGary Hart Mr. Inspector

“I’ve spent the bulk of my life either taking good care of properties or taking good care of people. From working hands on at a construction company to servicing customers and managing colleagues in a retail setting, I’ve always found a way of making situations better for everyone. Now? Good question. I get to do both in one setting. I love being an inspector. I do what I love and I improve the lives of our community’s people in the process. It’s like I couldn’t have drawn it out any better.” Schedule an inspection with Gary Hart

Mauricio PinedaMauricio Pineda Mr. Inspector

“Truth be told, I was getting sick and tired of hearing my best friend (Mr. Inspector Fred Torres) talk about how much he loves his job – night after night. After taking into consideration the influence he had on people and the type of impact he would make on his clients, it was in many ways a no-brainer. So I dropped my job as a contractor and decided to make the move to the winning team. A few months of training with Alex Kay and poof – I was off on the streets. Now? I inspect for a living. And YES! I love it…” Schedule an inspection with Mauricio Pineda

Clark GerdesClark Gerdes Mr. Inspector

“I worked for other inspection companies, and sure conducted hundred of inspections with my heart and soul. But it wasn’t until I met Alex and the AGPIC team that I felt the need to invest my time into something bigger. A group, a cause and a family, set on giving people a real life understanding of properties.” Schedule an inspection with Clark Gerdes

Ash KhalafianAsh Khalafian Mr. Inspector

“So I’m that guy that’s been doing construction since as far as I could even remember. We built homes, apartments, shopping centers back to back to back for years. Then one day I met Alex Kay, and he was like “dude, let’s take all of that knowledge and share it with the community.” So I trained with him for a year and now, I’m here to serve.” Schedule an inspection with Ash Khalafian

Stephen WarrenStephen Warren Mr. Inspector

“To be quite honest, I never really imagined myself becoming a property inspector. I’ve always loved working with my hands, engineering things and running construction projects. But to think after years and years of starring at properties that I’d be starring at them some more? I guess it only makes sense. Oh well, here we go.” Schedule an inspection with Stephen Warren


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