Over the past two decades we have (over and over) tried to raise the bar on quality of service and customer satisfaction. Our clients love us, and we love them back. Yet, it’s one thing when we say it, but much more impactful when they do. Below are some of the testimonials they have shared with us (and the world) through various mediums. We have organized these testimonials here so our prospective clients can hear first hand what makes us different from the rest. Straight from the mouths of our past customers.

I have used Fred Torres from AGP for a while now and really appreciate the details and the time he takes both on the day and then later on in the report. I LOVE the fact that he has pictures throughout – makes it so easy to see what he’s talking about. When we recently needed some repairs done on a sale prior to closing and my client was out of town – he came back and photographed everything so that the buyer could rest assured that the work had been done. That was an invaluable help. He’s very charming and friendly – no scary inspector here – always such a pleasure to work with.

Angela B. (Yelp.com)

The Advanced Group Property Inspections is an amazing home inspection company who treats you and your clients like family. They are professional and honest. I just referred a client that just opened up escrow and I can’t wait to work with their inspectors. The extra mile in customer service this company prides themselves on really makes a difference and it’s a pleasure to be in business with them. Go AGPIC!

Ryan A. (Yelp.com)

I sell real estate in Los Angeles. One of the most important factors in any transaction is the thoroughness and quality of one’s physical inspection. It will take place in the first days of the escrow and has the ability make or break just about any deal. A bad inspector will either fail to uncover critical faults with a property or call into question issues that might not actually be problems at all.

I always refer my clients to Advanced Group Property Inspections. Fred Tores is my go-to guy. He is simply the best. With a degree in architecture, experience as a builder and so many years of inspecting properties, he has developed a keen eye and the rare ability to explain what he sees to buyers in a way that is easily understood without being inflammatory. Fred’s meticulous approach to investigating each property is evidenced by the report he furnishes. The detail is tremendous and the photos, copious. I tell my clients that Fred’s report is like a bible for the house. Anything you will want to know about the property will be revealed!

I give Advanced Group & Fred Tores 5 stars because Yelp won’t let me give 6!

Mark M. (Yelp.com)

My Realtor recommended using AGPI for my home inspection. Being my first home and not knowing what will be uncovered was making me pretty nervous about the inspection. Michael Parkes was such a PRO. He was able to perform the inspection on Monday afternoon after us setting up the appointment on the previous Friday (great availability!). Their fee is extremely competitive. He took about and hour and a half performing the inspection and then spent nearly another forty five minutes walking me and my Realtor around. He showed me where everything was, how to turn it on and off, what would need to be fixed, and had a sense of humor to boot!

I was taking copious notes trying to remember everything he was saying. Well, once I received the inspection report I was blown away by its detail, pictures, captions, and arrows that pointed directly at issues!! I was going to make a “honey-do” checklist for all the things that needed to be fixed but Michael made it for me! I have already recommended their services to a friend who will open escrow soon.

Also, the sellers had the gas shut off, so AGPI is even going to come out again to reinspect the gas features.

Kailey C. (Yelp.com)

Thanks to Yelp, I found Fred Torres to perform our general home inspection. He is a pleasant man, very professional, knowledgeable, and detail oriented. After he completed the inspection, he walked through the house and explained everything in person, and said he will also give us a detailed report.

We got our report in 2 days, as promised with tons of photos of every corner in the house and over 90 pages. He pointed out items in need of attention, maintenance, or repair with photos matching. Makes it easy to identify exactly what he is referring to. He also gave his recommendations. I strongly recommend using Fred for your home inspection. You will be surprised with all the details he will find on your home. We were happy he was able to drive up to Tarzana for us.

Stella Z. (Yelp.com)

I have used AGPIC for several of my inspections. I find them to be very professional in all regards. From those that answer the phone to the inspectors that come to the house. The inspection reports are sent very prompt and easy to read. This past weekend I had the pleasure of having Fred Torres do another inspection for my clients. He is very good at what he does and very knowledgeable. His helpful manner works well for the clients. Thank you Fred for always doing a great job. 5/5stars

Eduard A. (Yelp.com)

When my mom started looking for houses, we did all our research on the best way to go about completing the whole real estate process. Turns out the one area we had the easiest time with was the home inspection. Advanced group property inspections has a super friendly staff, knowledgeable inspectors, but most of all a great inspection report. They email you with a Login and password to a portal you can view your report at any time. They make understanding the make up of a house very easy with color pictures, captions, and professional look. We were able to get most of the repairs negotiated thanks to a thorough inspection. I highly recommend them and have done numerous inspections for my friends and family. Thanks guys! You made this whole process as worry free as possible! 5/5stars

Carissa E. (Yelp.com)

A friend of mine purchased a home, and I recommended these guys because of all the great things I had heard about the company. Needless to say my friend was very happy with the service. The inspector was on time, friendly, and thoroughly explained all she needed to know in the report. They were able to accomodate her busy schedule and provided an online report which makes them eco-friendly. 5/5stars

Arlene V. (Yelp.com)

My husband and I recently purchased a house and used AGPIC to inspect our property. The company and staff where so courteous and attentive. The inspector was very efficient and thorough. We are currently looking to purchase two commercial buildings and we will definitely will be using AGPIC for our inspection services and I will highly recommend for all buyers to use AGPIC. Professional presentation and very informative. 5/5stars

Eileen S. (Yelp.com)

Best of the best! This is an ultra professional company with a “Do what it takes” mentality. The whole staff is on the same page and delivers excellent service consistently. I am a real estate professional in the business for 5 years and use AGPIC exclusively. They are prompt, detailed and make sure they answer even the most detailed questions the clients may have. They take their time and treat each home as if they were buying it for themselves. You can’t go wrong with AGPIC! 5/5stars

Linette K. (Yelp.com)


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