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Residential Property Inspections

Residential inspections or home inspections tend to be unique from commercial inspections in that they involve people who’s families are about to create priceless memories in their new place called home. In other words, it’s not just about numbers and net profits. We take pride in guiding our clients through their home inspection process by performing a thorough, unbiased inspection of the major building components, providing a clear report of the property’s condition, and arming our clients with the knowledge they need to make a more informed decision about purchasing the property. Learn more about our residential property inspection services.

Commercial Property Inspections

Commercial inspections differ slightly from residential inspections in that they focus on primary investor prospective concerns. Whether it be an apartment building that houses family to family or shopping centers with 24/7 foot and automotive traffic the approach is the same, improve safety and assure tenancy. Our team of qualified inspectors are trained to focus on what’s most important without hussing and fussing about the unnecessary details. Learn more about our commercial property inspection services.