Meet AGPIC Inspectors: Arman Shahenian

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Arman Shahenian is our youngest inspector, but his attention to details has earned him a top spot on our clients’ favorite inspectors list. Arman involved in construction business from an early age. For couple years Arman was working as electrical technician with his brother. He also went to architecture school to learn the technical aspects of a property. Being the youngest inspector of Advanced Group team, he completed more rigorous and tougher training from AGPIC chief inspector Alex Kay. One of the best complements that Arman ever got from our regular clients is that he inspects just like Alex Kay. Single family homes, condos, small homes, large homes, whatever the residential property type there is, Arman inspects it all. After your property inspection, Arman reviews all the inspection points that he founds and shares it with you. He enjoys educating home owners about their property and how they can minimize future problems that he found during the inspection. Having your property inspected by our trained professionals not only will save you on home purchase negotiation fronts, it will give you the peace of mind that you are aware of the critical conditions of your home. Don’t wait for the unexpected to happen to find out what was going wrong with your property, because it might be too late then. Read testimonials that our clients have left for Arman and find out why they love our property inspection company. Arman also speaks Armenian and Arabic, so if you need a Armenian or Arabic speaking inspector, schedule an inspection with Arman Shahenian.

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