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Michael Parkes has been inspector with Advanced Group Property Inspection for over 6 years. He started his career in real estate buying and selling and development business very early in his life while he was attending high school. His both parents were real estate agents and were his role model and inspiration to the real estate industry. Michael Parkes enjoys being out and on the filed, as much as he enjoys meeting new home owners and make friends. Our real estate agent clients’ love Michael for his work ethics and dedication to his work. As one of senior inspectors of Advanced Group team, Michael knows how frustrating a home purchase would be, therefore he loves to spend the extra time with clients to explain what are his findings, show them utilities around the house, or even give them his professional advice when necessary. If you like to learn what a property and home inspector does, then Michael Parkes might be the right choice for you, because he will patiently explain details of his inspection and what are the key points he is inspecting for. Michael’s specialty is almost all types of residential and commercial properties including single family homes, condos, small homes, large homes, and other types of small to mid size commercial investment properties. Having your property inspected by our trained professionals not only will save you on home purchase negotiation fronts, it will give you the peace of mind that you are aware of the critical conditions of your home. Don’t wait for the unexpected to happen to find out what was going wrong with your property, because it might be too late then. Read testimonials that our clients have left for Michael Parkes and find out why they love our property inspection company. If you are looking for an experienced home inspector, schedule an inspection with Michael Parkes.

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