Our Promise

The treatment you get from us is equally important (and directly related) to the treatment we expect you to get from your property. It’s like a triangle of respect, combining our expertise with your initiative all linked together by your property and all of it’s components.

Quality of Service

The inspection process is guaranteed through the mending of the following 4 steps.

#1 The Initial Contact: You’ll be treated like family from the moment you request info from us. Whether it be scheduling you to meet with one of our experts, referring you to a trusted contractor or consulting you over the phone we’ll do whatever it takes to get you headed in the right direction.

#2 On-Site Inspection: Our guys come straight to your property to conduct a 12 component AGPIC inspection (plus pool/spa if required) with a verbal walk-through performed post inspection with all parties involved. From the foundation to the roof, we cover it all.

#3 Digital Report w/ Color Photos: Each of our inspections comes with a full color property report. We’ll identify the property’s components, condition and further action required for your safe keeping.

#4 Consulting for Life: As long as our name appears on a report we’ll be there to guide you. Whether it be the next day or years after the evaluation we’ll always be there to help clarify the condition of your property.

Client Testimonials

We can brag and boast about how great we are forever, but that’s not really what you’re looking for is it? Exactly. So to avoid any further self-recommendation we’ll let our clients do the talking for us. We have a track record of successful inspections in California since 1994 and thanks to the submission of many self written testimonials from our clients we can share them with you here – 5/5 Stars.


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