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Green is the best word that visually exemplifies the city of Chatsworth, CA. Very luscious in trees and plants, the city polished and well maintained, hillsides that provide fresh air and great mountain views. This city has landed on the list of one of the most luscious and beautiful cities to live in for California residents. With an estimated 37,000 residents living in Chatsworth city in 2013, estimated by the Us Census, and an estimate medium household income of $83,000 annually, this city provides a home to many of the wealthiest property owners in Southern California, according to ChatsworthCityData. Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Dora Hutchinson have made Chatsworth, CA their home at one time with homes reaching up to $12 million dollars.

The hillsides that provide the beautiful views for the residents are a plus for any home buyer in the city. Along with the positive aspects that come with homes on the hillsides, there are many risk factors that come into play with the properties. Advanced Group Property Inspection Company has identified vast issues in Chatsworth, CA related to foundation problems and structural problems. These problems come to exists with properties on hillsides because the movement in the soil causes movement with the foundation and the structure which supports the house. During a property inspection, Advanced Group Property Inspectors will do a walk through, point out the issues in the property, and provide a detailed report with pictures that allows the property owner to be aware of their property’s stand point.

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