Residential inspections tend to be unique from commercial inspections in that they involve people who’s families are about to create priceless memories in their new place called home. In other words, it’s not just about numbers and net profits. We take pride in guiding our clients through the inspection process by performing a thorough, unbiased inspection of the major building components, providing a clear report of the property’s condition, and arming our clients with the knowledge they need to make a more informed decision about purchasing the property.

Why do I need a property inspection?

Aside from the reasoning that you are about to rest your precious bodies under tons of wood, metal and stone – the inspection process is also effective in saving you some of that hard earned money. See below how the numbers don’t lie. Those who pay for inspections (click here for a free quote) save on average about 100 times the cost of their one-time inspection fee over the life of their property.

Home Savings with Property having inspected

An average home in Southern California costs around $400,000 (per 2011) with about $40k in immediate maintenance/repair costs that go unnoticed to the naked eye. With a fair report as your tool for negotiation you can better strategize your purchase to make sure that no one gets left in the dark. The logic is simple, and it’s fair both ways.

Residential Inspections

The purpose of the residential inspection is to provide you with information regarding the general condition of the property to ensure safety and correct maintenance strategy. Keep in mind that a home inspection is a general survey and basic operation of these systems and excludes systems or components which are not easily accessible. In other words, we’re not taring down your walls to see what’s behind them, your toddlers (or over zealous friends) will do that for you.

What your inspection report will cover

Our inspectors conduct service in accordance with the California Real Estate Inspectors Association (CREIA) principals of practice. All services include an on-site component along with digital reporting. Inspection reports are delivered to clients via email within 1 business day of service. Reports include the following sections…

  1. Foundation, Basement, and Under-floor Areas
  2. Exterior Components
  3. Roof Covering
  4. Attic Areas
  5. Roof Framing
  6. Plumbing
  7. Electrical
  8. Heating
  9. Cooling
  10. Fireplaces and Chimneys
  11. Building Interior
  12. Garage
  13. Pool/Spa (if applicable)

We have created a comprehensive document detailing each of the above sections in our standards of practice guidelines [PDF] document.

Sample Residential Report

A real estate inspection report provides written documentation of material defects discovered in the inspected building’s systems and components which, in the opinion of the Inspector, are safety hazards, are not functioning properly, or appear to be at the ends of their service lives. The report may include the Inspector’s recommendations for correction or further evaluation. At the end of the inspection, your inspector will provide you with a detailed report of your property within the next business day. Go ahead, download a sample report and request a free quote. Expect one of our reps to get in touch with you within 24 hours to evaluate your property and answer any questions you may have.


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